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Survey shows three-quarters of consumers prefer cans

More than 75% of consumers say they would choose the beverage can in preference to other packaging formats, once they were aware of the can’s sustainability benefits, according to a new IPSOS survey.

The study, completed for Metal Packaging Europe (MPE), also revealed that more than 90% of consumers were confident that packaging displaying the Metal Recycles Forever (MRF) logo, would actually be recycled.

It follows reports last year that more than half of Britons did not understand common recycling symbols found on everyday items, according to a survey1 by

Simon Gresty, Can Makers chairman, said: “In the last year, demand for the beverage can has increased to record levels and the results of the IPSOS study for MPE clearly show the significant potential which the can is set to make to a more resource efficient, circular economy.

“Consumer confidence in the MRF logo is also very encouraging. The beverage can is already the most recycled drinks packaging format in the world and the infrastructure is in place to recycle every single can placed on the market in the UK today.”

Metal Recycles Forever logo on can

The MRF logo which was launched in 2014 is one of the newest recycling symbols found on everyday packaging and the study presents clear evidence that it is easily understood and trusted by consumers.

Simon added: “The IPSOS survey shows that more than 40% of consumers already purchase one or more beverage cans every week and as the MRF logo becomes more widely recognised it will play a vital role, ensuring we capture even more resources in the drive to achieve a truly circular economy.”

Significantly, in addition to the 80% of consumers that participated in the survey who said they believed the beverage can was easy to recycle, 60% were also aware that metal beverage cans could be recycled over and over again.

Leonie Knox-Peebles, CEO of Metal Packaging Europe commented: “By ensuring that consumers and brands are aware of and understand the sustainability benefits of beverage cans, including their outstanding recyclability as packaging made from a permanent material, we can help them to make informed and sustainable choices.”

The MRF logo was designed to inform consumers about the infinite recyclability of rigid metal packaging and to help them understand the key role they have to play in keeping metal in the material loop by recycling their empty packaging. 

The logo is available free of charge for all beverage fillers using metal packaging. To find out more go to:

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