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The Rising Can

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More than 75% of consumers said they would choose the beverage can in preference to other packaging formats, once they were aware of the can’s sustainability benefits, according to a recent IPSOS survey and we know that canned alcoholic beverages have gained popularity among consumers as a convenient and portable format. But are people really aware of the increasingly wide variety of wines, cocktails and seltzers in cans on the market now, never mind the vast array of craft beers and contemporary soft drinks?

We went to Tatton Foodies Festival to find out. Offering a huge variety of the best alcoholic, ‘low’ and ‘no’ brands in cans, our bar, The Rising Can, was an instant hit. But don’t just take our word for it…

See what the foodies thought after tasting wines from brands like The Copper Crew who launched exclusively in cans, as well as beers from the first ever brewery to can craft ale, Felinfoel – just two of the brands who helped to make The Rising Can a success and prove that consumers really do love cans.

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