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Metal Recycles Forever logo ranks top for clarity with consumers

New consumer research investigates how effective different packaging symbols are at communicating recyclability of packaging

New consumer research released by The Can Makers reveals the effect that different packaging recycling symbols are having when it comes to communicating key sustainability messages to consumers.

The survey of 2,000 UK consumers, conducted in association with Censuswide found that the Metal Recycles Forever logo performed most strongly at communicating that certain packaging “can be recycled” or “will be recycled”. Meanwhile, the logo was also most likely to reassure consumers that the packaging was environmentally friendly, and it was also most likely to positively influence whether to buy a certain packaging format for drinks.

Despite being relatively new and unknown to most consumers, 68% of the respondents said that the Metal Recycles Forever logo either somewhat reassured or greatly reassured them that the packaging can be recycled whilst 62% of the respondents said that the logo reassured them that their packaging will actually be recycled.

On sustainability 63% said the Metal Recycles Forever logo reassured them that the material used for the packaging was sustainable and environmentally friendly, and 52% said the inclusion of the logo would make them more likely to buy a drink in that packaging format.

The Metal Recycles Forever logo was tested alongside widely adopted packaging recycling labels and symbols, including two versions of the On-Pack Recycling Label (OPRL), the Mobius Loop, the Tidyman as well as a message with 100% recycled content and the Green Dot, which is commonly mistaken by consumers as a recycling symbol:


The research also shows that when it comes to metal packaging, especially drinks cans, adopting the Metal Recycles Forever logo gives consumers the right confidence that the packaging can be recycled, will be recycled, that it is environmentally friendly, and that it is a good purchasing decision.

Commenting on the results, Marcel Arsand, Chairman of the Can Makers, said,

We know that most consumers want to reduce their impact on the environment and choose sustainable and recyclable packaging and the UK Government is also consulting on the introduction of mandatory recycling labelling. Unfortunately, the reality is that most on-pack recycling labels and messages out there are currently not doing the job of communicating to consumers true recyclability. 

Should we claim that something is ‘widely recycled’ when the recycling rates for that packaging don’t reflect that? The Metal Recycles Forever logo reassures the consumer that they are choosing a packaging that not only can be recycled but can be recycled forever! There has been already a good adoption of the Metal Recycles Forever logo by several brands and wider adoption by bigger brands will help communicate this important message to consumers, giving them the reassurance that they are making the most sustainable choice.”

A full breakdown of results can be found below:

Q1 MRF Research

Q2 MRF Research

Q3 MRF Research

Q4 MRF Research

key for metal recycles forever research

About the Metal Recycles Forever logo

The free of charge logo was developed by Metal Packaging Europe to unify environmental messaging across rigid metal packaging throughout Europe. It promotes a strong visual identity that communicates to the consumer the intrinsic environmental benefits derived from the permanent properties of metal with one consistent meaning and message that

works in multiple languages across multiple formats in multiple jurisdictions. For more information, terms of license and design guidelines, click here.


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