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Indie Beer Can Festival launches for independent British brewers

April, 2014

Can Makers and SIBA launch competition to find the nation’s best independent beer – in a can

Indie Beer Can Festival, the first UK-wide search for the very best independent beer in cans has been launched by the Can Makers in partnership with the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA). Every independent brewer’s beer, regardless of current pack format, is being offered the chance to be showcased in cans at the Indie Beer Can Festival final and potentially be crowned the winner. The competition opens today via

Selected judges will decide the 12 Festival finalists based on written entries. Then each of those not already in cans will receive an exclusive limited production run provided by the Can Makers. In September, at a closed session, influential judges including Chiara Nesbitt, Beer Buyer for Tesco, industry experts Adrian Tierney-Jones and Jane Peyton, President of Cask Brewing Systems Inc, Peter Love and Graham Fenton, Chairman of the Can Makers, will put each of the 12 to the test. The winners will be revealed later in the day at the Indie Beer Can Festival. One beer will take the gold and two runners up silver and bronze, with all winners receiving trophies and e-badges.

Every finalist will have the opportunity to have their beers sampled by influential guests at the Indie Beer Can Festival. The remaining cans will be delivered back to breweries after the event alongside a finalist’s e-badge. This will be a great way to let everyone know the beer is one of the 12 best independent canned beers in the country.

Chiara Nesbitt, Beer Buyer for Tesco and judge, comments, “I’m a huge fan of independently brewed beer. There has been a massive increase in the variety of independent beers on our shelves as customers tastes evolve and they look to discover new styles. Cans are a great way to achieve stand out on shelf and keep drinks tasting fresh. In my line of work I’ve seen a lot of canned speciality beers from the US and I look forward to seeing this happen in the UK too.”

Adrian Tierney-Jones, award winning writer and journalist said, “This competition is exciting and very timely, so I’m looking forward to the judging. Nowadays cans are a great way to package good beers. On top of the benefits cans provide by being very portable, light and quick to chill, the whole of the can provides a great canvas for brewers to play with and communicate their brand messages on. Cans are cool.”

Nick Stafford, Commercial Director at SIBA says, “The Indie Beer Can Festival is a fantastic opportunity for independent brewers to showcase their beers to influencers in the business and gain recognition. Quite a few are already in cans and there are many more brewers keen to explore the potential for canning beer. This competition ensures that any independently brewed beer has a chance to win and we look forward to seeing how it unfolds and, of course, to the final event.”

Graham Fenton, Chairman of the Can Makers, comments “Independent beer is an increasingly important part of the drinks market. I’m delighted that we’re able to partner with SIBA to offer today’s growing number of brewers a chance to explore the can’s benefits and share the passion they have for beer with a wide audience. I hope that this helps to establish independent beer in cans as a key part of the growing market.”

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